Felicity Young
Crime Fiction Writer

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A Certain Malice

A Certain Malice
You can run from everything but your fears. When Sergeant Cam Fraser thinks the gang who murdered his wife and son are targeting his daughter, he re-locates to the other side of Australia, not expecting trouble in the small country town in which he was raised. But a violent and puzzling murder plunges him straight into a baffling and deadly investigation...

Crème de la Crime Books - 2005 - English - ISBN: 978-0954763442

A Certain Malice - Reviews

'Do give this promising author a try. Read A Certain Malice and you are guaranteed to be pleased with the careful construction of an excellent mystery.'
Denise Pickles, Mary Martin Website

'The plot unfolds well, with a number of avenues suggested in terms of solution. Tension builds progressively and while the pieces of the puzzle are there for the attentive reader, they don't stand out in obvious fashion.'
MaryAndrea Clarke, Mystery Women

'This is a beautifully written book and Felicity draws you into life in Australia, a life you may not wish to leave.'
Ottackers, UK