Felicity Young
Crime Fiction Writer

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Harum Scarum

Harum Scarum
Cyber Technology spins at the hart of this thriller: Katy Enigma, Lolita, Harum Scarum; just who or what lies beneath these Internet nicknames? Stevie Hooper finds herself racing against time to discover the identities before another child is taken.

Fremantle Press - 2008 - English - ISBN: 978-1921361104

Harum Scarum - Reviews

'Felicity Young is an intriguing new addition to the upper echelons of Australian thriller writing. This is the third book from the Perth author, a tightly plotted and fast-paced police procedural that involves Monty McGuire, head of Perth's serious crime squad, and his parther, Detective Sergeant Stevie Hooper, in a world of low-lives, pedophiles, street kids and cyber predators. The disappearance of an 11-year-old girl, who turns up in a dumpster, forces the dysfunctional pair to work together. It's a well-crafted page turner that explores themes that concern every parent.'
Winsor Dobbin - Sydney Sunday Herald 15/6/2008

'..Harum Scarum is a riveting mystery and a classic tale of good versus evil and those who would use the latter to do the former.'
Midwest Book Review