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Crime Fiction Writer

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The Insanity of Murder

The Insanity of Murder
To Doctor Dody McCleland, the gruesome job of dealing with the results of an explosion at the Necropolis Railway Station is testing enough. But when her suffragette sister Florence is implicated in the crime, matters worsen and Dody finds her loyalty cruelly divided. Can she choose between love for her sister and her secret love for Chief Inspector Matthew Pike, the investigating officer on the case?

Dody and Pike's investigations lead them to a women's rest home where patients are not encouraged to read or think and where clandestine treatments and operations are conducted in an unethical and inhumane manner. Together Dody and Pike must uncover such foul play before their secret liaisons become public knowledge - and before Florence becomes the rest home's next victim.

HarperCollins publisher:
• ISBN: 9781460704677
• ISBN 10: 1460704673
• Imprint: Impulse Australia

Praise for the Dr Dody McCleland mysteries

'An excellent crime series'
Good Reading

'Dody lives on the page, despite the emotional restraint and sense of duty that separates her from more modern heroines'
Herald Sun

'Satisfying blend of history, forensics and crime'
Woman's Day
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